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We are excited to add Waterless Pedicures to our menu!

Why go dry??

There are many benefits to a dry pedicure.  One of them being improved sanitation, though we pride ourselves in our sanitation practices, using stainless steel basins disinfected properly, eliminating the soaking is eliminating any risk of water borne infection.  When we soak our nails in water the nail plate expands as it absorbs water, then as it dries it contracts again.  A dry pedicure eliminates this expansion increasing the longevity of your polish.  Waterless pedicures also allow the products we utilize to penetrate the skin more effectively without the water diluting the product.  This allows for maximum foot health.


We are also excited to offer an extensive collection of Dazzle Dry Polish.  A vegan, cruelty-free polish that dries completely in 5 minutes, wears as long as a Gel manicure and removes easily like a traditional polish with no soaking or scraping.  We carry over 100 Dazzle Dry Polish colors to choose from and our collection is ever expanding!

In addition, we carry a variety of Gel polishes including the GelBottle, another cruelty-free vegan product.

We also offer Gelly and Gel X nail enhancements. A perfect solution when you would like nail extensions and more design options added to you manicure without the harsh chemicals and heaviness of an acrylic nail.  These tips can be soaked off and easily removed without damage to your nail.


We do not offer Acrylics nor Dip manicures, allowing for a much more pleasant experience without the harsh smell of chemicals. 


All of our sugar scrubs are made in house with organic products in a variety of scents.


Monday 10am - 4pm


Tues - Saturday 10am - 6pm


Sunday 10am - 4pm


Hours of operation are subject to technician availability. 


1111 S. Pearl Street,

Denver, CO 80210

Phone: 303-722-1450 

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